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How to Rotary Engrave Personalized Water Bottles with the Fortnite Llama

In this episode I laser engrave powder coated water bottles purchased on Amazon. I talk about rotary attachments for laser engravers - what they are, how to use them and how to prepare images that will work well in a rotary environment. I use Adobe Photoshop to prepare the image, Adobe Illustrator to turn it into a vector drawing and add text, and RDWorks to run the laser cutter. I talk about laser cutter settings and some tips that will head off potential problems! My image is the Fortnite Llama, and as always I try to abide by the Epic Games fan art policy: Portions of the materials used are trademarks and/or copyrighted works of Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved by Epic. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Epic.

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